Tips on Getting Pregnant Faster – 8 Proven and Easy Ways to Follow!


Whether you are planning for your first or your last child, you may still find the following tips on getting pregnant naturally, especially if you want to conceive as soon as possible.

First and foremost, go to your doctor for a preconception check-up. Nothing beats advice from a professional. Your doctor can also give you prenatal vitamins. Those, which contain folic acid, are especially important, in that they can prevent your future baby from having certain defects.

Second, quit taking all forms of contraception. Especially if you have been in the pill for a while, you may find that you are not going to be truly fertile until after a month or so.

Third, keep yourself healthy by eating a balanced diet and getting physically active. This may be one of the more often-ignored tips on getting pregnant, but getting your weight in check is actually very important. Recent studies show that women who are of normal weight tend to conceive earlier.

Fourth, quit smoking and drinking. Both first and secondhand smoke affect you and your partner’s fertility. Additionally, even if you still end up conceiving, smoking can cause you to have a miscarriage, a premature birth or other birth defects. On the other hand, alcohol, however little, should always be treated as poison to the body. Needless to say, you should also quit doing drugs.

Fifth, lower your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases the risk of having a stillborn baby.

Sixth, get to know your ovulation cycle. Take note of the days when the egg has been released, so you can try for a baby at the most ideal dates.

Seventh, encourage your partner to wear boxers instead of briefs. Research shows that sperm count tends to be lower when the testes are overheated. Thus, it is advisable to wear more comfortable and breathable underwear like cotton boxers.

Finally, perhaps one of the most important tips on getting pregnant naturally is to not keep yourself stressed over the prospect of conceiving. Having a baby is neither a race nor a competition, and, as long as you are patient, you can and will get there. The process simply takes time, but consider the time you currently have on your hands a preparation period for the baby to come.

Seeing that dreadful negative sign over and over again can be enough disappointment to make you want to quit. Do not give up as many have succeeded!

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